How to Style a Boho Hen Party

Transform your garden into a floral, boho wonderland for a relaxing and fun hen party this summer – made all the more special with a few handmade favours and decorations! Craft expert Fay Austin here outlines how to make three stunning crafts to help you accessorise your day, and shares top styling tips to elevate the look and feel of the space.



Faux foliage and flowers can really transform a space and give off an effortless Bohemian feel. I used an array of warm yellows, gold, creams and pastel flowers for this particular theme and draped any leftover faux flowers and foliage over the dining palette, tepee and on the Gin Bar.



Candles are a lovely way to add atmosphere when eating el-fresco. I used Hobbycraft’s 12 pack small glass jars and places tea lights in them and scattered them on the table to create a comforting and intimate feel.


Personal Touches

Gift bags do not have to be expressive but add a thoughtful touch. To tie in with the theme I have personalised brown paper bags with artificial foliage, bohemian ribbon and black name tags.


Utilise your space!

When setting up your Bohemian Picnic, try to look for opportunities for decoration. We positioned the whole evening around a tree in the garden which we were able to hang our Bohemian Chandeliers, adding an ethereal look and a chance to play with levels.


How to Make Boho Gift Bags

You Will NeedCraft Essentials


Glue gun

How to Make

1. Take your wool and begin wrapping it around the bottom of your Kraft bag (approximately 30 times) Snip the end of your wool once complete.

2. Carefully slide the looped wool off of your Kraft bag and tie one end with a piece of separate string. Using your scissors, cut the other end of the loop so that the end begin to resemble a tassel.

3. Using another piece of string, tie round the top of your tassel creating a head

4. Tie your tassel to the handle of the Kraft bag and using your glue gun, begin to decorate it using the faux flowers and ribbon.

5. Use your wooden stamps to personalise the bag on a black luggage tag.

Top tip! Always start with the middle letter so that your name is central


How to Make a Boho Flower Crown

You Will NeedCraft Essentials


Glue Gun

How to Make

1. Cut along the bottom of your card creating a measuring around two inches wide and six inches long. Using your scissors, trim the ends to create curved corners.

2. Using a glue gun or strong adhesive, glue your cardboard onto your headband.

3. Cover the entire cardboard strip in glue and begin applying your moss. For ultimate coverage, it is best to do this is small patches to create an even base.

4. After the headband is completely covered in moss, you can begin adding your foliage. Start with leaves then move onto your bigger flowers, finishing with the smaller sprigs.

Top tip! Start from the middle and work your way outwards. If you have a particular flower or a statement flower, it is best to stick that down first, so that you are happy with its positioning and then work around that.

5. Just wait 10 minutes for the glue to dry, then your flower crown is ready to wear.


 How to Make Boho Chandeliers

You Will NeedCraft Essentials


Glue gun


How to Make

1. Separate the Embroidery hoop from the additional hoop, using the one without the clasp.

2. Begin plating the twine and sporadically pull out loops for a more rustic look.

3. Using the same technique for the Bohemian Gift Bags, create some tassels using an assortment of wool.

4. Tie all the plaits, tassels and lace ribbon to the hoop.

5. To fill in gaps without cluttering your chandelier, drape coloured wool or string around the spaces in between your tassels and plaits.

6. Tie a piece of string from one side of the hoop to the other so that you can hang your chandelier. 

7. Lastly, glue your foliage and faux flowers to your chandelier for extra decoration.

8. Hang your chandelier and wait ten minutes for the glue to dry.

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