How to Sew Jersey Fabric

Sewing jersey fabric requires a technique of its own, and it can take some practice working with the stretch of the fabric. Sewing expert Miss Libby Rose here shows us how it’s done, also showing the option of using a walking machine foot that helps to gently guide the fabric without warping the stitches. Watch the video to see Libby in action!

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Note: There are different machine needles for stretch fabric, and different sized needles are used for different weights of jersey.

Change the machine needle to a stretch needle

Use a specific thread pattern; A or B (straight stitch), or G (overlock stitch).

Change the stitch tension to S.S (stretch stitch). The + or – expands or compresses the stitch.

Begin to sew – do not pull the fabric, instead lightly guide using your hands

You can change the sewing machine foot to a walking foot, which is good to use if you use jersey often.

To put this on you’ll have to lower the needle to allow the foot to rest above it.

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