How to Sew an Advent Calendar

Christmas looks modern in ultra-smart navy and white with gold details! Everyone needs an advent calendar in their life, and this one is easy to make, just follow the instructions below by sewing expert Debbie von Grabler-Crozier. The great thing about creating such a calendar is that it’s reusable, and is something that can be passed down through the generations.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Seam allowances are all ½ cm (1/4”) unless otherwise stated. Please read all instructions through and assemble the equipment before beginning.

2. For the navy sold – 10 pieces measuring 8cm high x 37cm wide for the pocket fronts and lining, 1 piece 10cm wide x 45cm long for the banner.

3. For the white Christmas print – 2 pieces 3cm wide x 45cm long for the banner trim and 4 pieces 7cm wide x 15cm long for the hanging tabs.

4. For the interfacing – 5 pieces measuring 6cm high x 35cm long.

Top tip! There are no notes for the cutting of the wadding as this will be fused to the back and the stated size in the list is already the correct one. Some minimal trimming may be needed.

5. Make 5 lined slip pockets using the navy solid and the interfacing rectangles. They will be segmented into five pockets each with vertical seams. Take one piece of navy solid and fuse an piece of interfacing to the wrong side, centring it well.

6. Take another piece of navy and place it right sides together (the interfacing will be facing out as it is virtually impossible to tell the ‘right’ side of a solid). Sew right around the very edge of the interfacing leaving a turning gap in the bottom.

7. Trim the seam allowance back to 0.5cm all around and clip across the corners.

8. Turn out through the gap in the lining and press the pocket so that the edges are perfect.

9. The pocket is now ready for the numbers to be put on and the pockets will be topstitched on at the end.

10. Cut the numbers from 1 – 25 using the gold foil and also cut the letters to form the words ‘happy and bright’.

11. Make the hanging tabs by taking two pieces of white Christmas print and placing them right sides together. Sew the side seams and turn them the right way out and press. Repeat for the other one.

12. Align the FQ of print fabric so that it is portrait style. Measure down 10cm and make a horizontal cut.

13. Take the piece of navy for the banner and the two pieces of white Christmas print and sew a strip of white to the top and the bottom of the navy.

14. Attach this to the large piece of print and then re attach the smaller piece of print to the top.

15. Fuse the piece of wadding to the wrong side of this panel and trim if needed.

16. Attach a hanging tab 7.5cm in from either side on the top edge. Place the front right sides together onto the piece of untrimmed backing fabric and sew all around leaving a gap in the bottom for turning.

17. Trim the backing fabric and clip across the corners and turn out through the gap. press so that the edges are perfect and close the gap.

18. Topstitch right around twice with stitching lines roughly 1cm apart. Topstitch 0.5cm either side of each seam on the banner too.

Top tip! Use coordinating threads for this and whatever you do, watch that the backing stays straight and unpuckered.

19. Attach the pockets by top stitching them on. Begin with the bottom row and attach the first one in the bottom 2.5cm up from the bottom and centred perfectly. The next pocket goes 2cm above it.

20. Segment to pockets into five equal segments with top stitched vertical seams.

21. Using the iron on vinyl instructions, attach a number from 1 to 24 on each pocket.

Top tip! when you put them on, you have the choice of going in order or mixing them up which can be more fun. Where the numbers are a bit bigger, you can stagger them too.

22. Come back in and attach the words to the banner. Attach a bow to the bottom of each hanging tab (optional).

23. Push the stick through the hanging tabs and cut a piece of jute twine for the hanger.

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