How to Sew a Wrap Skirt from Fat Quarters

Discover just how easy it is to make your own clothes from a pack of fat quarters, with this fun wrap skirt project! Our sewing expert Miss Libby Rose takes you through step by step, showing you how to make your own in no time at all!

Project and pattern by Miss Libby Rose.

You Will Need

Fat Quarter Pack »

Applique (if you’d like a variation)

How to Sew a Wrap Skirt Pattern »

Craft Essentials How to Make


1.  Download and print the pattern pieces, then stick together. Fold the pattern piece in half and your fat quarter in half, then pin onto the fat quarter. From each fat quarter you should be able to cut one piece of skirt pattern and one strip leftover for the waistband. Cut out 6 skirt pieces from the pattern on the fold.

2. Lay two pieces with right sides together and pin along one of the long sides. Sew with a 1.5 seam allowance up the long side and repeat for another two pieces. Go along until you have one long piece made up of the trapezoid shapes.

3. Wrap around to make sure it fits and wraps around at least one overlap. If necessary, cut and add more.

4. With all the left over scraps, sew together to make one long piece that wraps around you at least twice. (This will be the wrap waistband)

5. Go back to your main part of the skirt and do a little hem on both open sides of the skirt, by folding once and once again for a neat hem.

6. Pin the wrap waist band around the top leaving one side short (just enough for a bow) and the other side super long so you can wrap it around.

7. Sew the waist band on, leaving a footer seam allowance the whole way around the top.

8. Now pin and hem the bottom, again a neat hem folding once and once again.

Top tip! If you want to create a new variation, add a heart or shaped applique.

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