How to Sew a Vintage Military Style Hat

A vintage military style hat is the perfect accessory to complete a utilitarian style look. Follow the below tutorial by sewing expert Miss Libby Rose, who has provided the pattern, as well as a video tutorial to guide you through. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Step One

Cut out fabric and interfacing as pattern states; 2 x tops and 2 x sides.

Apply the interfacing to the fabric.


Step Two

Fold the long sideways pieces in half lengthways, and create a crease with your iron.


Step Three

With right sides together line up the crease on the longer side with the point at the peak of the hat.


Step Four

Pin and sew the outer fabric from the centre back peak point around to the front point leaving the excess fabric dangling at the front on both sides. Do the same for the lining but this time leave a 4-6cm gap in the side.


Step Five

Notch around the curves and iron or steam the hat.

Top tip! You can roll up a hand towel inside the hat to add depth so it is easier to steam out any creases and create crisp edges.


Step Six

Place the two hats inside each other with right sides together, and sew the raw edges together ensuring you keep following around the excess flap at the front.


Step Seven

Notch and clip edges again, and turn through to the right way.

Press and roll out the edges and the front flap too.

Make it nice and crisp (use your hand towel again to roll up inside when ironing).


Step Eight

Try it on and create a overlap at the front.

Hand sew on the button over the front flap to hold it all together.

Hand sew up the hole left in the lining.

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