How to Sew a Simple Cushion

In this fun sewing tutorial we are making a lovely heart cushion with some super cool applique! Follow along to find out how it’s done.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Top tip! This is an envelope style cushion, which means it will wrap around the cushion pad. If you choose a fabric that has a detailed pattern – please note that the pattern will be upside down on the back.

1. Take 2 x fat quarters and sew together length ways creating one long piece. This is now the base for your cushion. Cut it to size so it measures 16″ x 36″ ensuring you only cut off one of the fat quarters and leaving the other one full. This will ensure the seam is on the fold of the cushion. This measurement is good to remember for all standard 16′ x 16′ cushion inserts. 

Zero waste tip! Always keep your off cuts! If you are doing a batch of cushions for a festive home, mix and match your off cuts for applique or pockets, or keep in a bag and give them away to a local school. You can also keep your threads for stuffing!

Top tip! Always press / iron your chosen fat quarters out flat before starting your project, this gets out all the folds and ensures precise cutting!   

2. Pin and press the 2 x short edges (the ones that measure 16″) by folding in from the edge 1cm and 1cm again. This hem should be folded inwards on the wrong sides of the fabric. Press pin these edges down.

Top tip! When pinning always pin perpendicular to your sewing line, this will make sewing over pins easy or even easier to pull the pins out as you go!        

3. Sew these folds down ensuring they are on the wrong side of the fabric.   


4. Measure out the main fabric as an envelope, you may even want to use your cushion pad and wrap it around. The envelope should be a 16″ by 16″ square. One flap should measure 12.5″ and the other 7.5″.     


5. Now you know your front (the 16x 16 square) you can prepare and apply your applique.         

6. Press the Heat ‘n’ Bond and fabric in place following the manufacturers instructions. I am showing you hearts here but you can choose to do any applique at all to suit the time of year. 

7. Set the sewing machine to a super tight zig-zag stitch and sew around the edges of the fabric to hold the applique in place.

Top tip! If you use the super strength Heat ‘n’ Bond you don’t need to sew around it – just press it with a hot iron after you wash it!


8. Fold the cushion into an envelope again (see step 4) but this time with right sides together with the applique inside the cushion.   


9. Pin the open raw edges making sure they overlap like an envelope and sew up leaving a small 1- 1.5cm seam allowance.        

10. Turn it all through the open gap that we left earlier, press and insert cushion pad!



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