How to Sew a P.E. Kit Drawstring Bag

It’s so easy to learn how to sew your own P.E. kit drawstring bag, and all the easier with this brilliant tutorial from sewing expert  Miss Libby Rose »! Have a read below to find out what you’ll need to complete this project – there’s a huge range of fabrics and fat quarters » available in store and online.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Step one

Take the 2 x fat quarter pieces and sew up the sides.

Step 2 2

Then sew along the bottom so you have made a sack.

Step 2


Step two

Go to the bottom corners of the ‘sack’ and create a 4cm x 4cm square corner, mark with a pen to get this accurate.

Step 3
Cut the corners open through the stitching.


Step Three

Open the corners (like opening a crisp packet).
Line up the two seams so they are facing each other and sew along  the diagonal line with a 0.5 seam allowance. Now you have created a base for the bag.

Step 4 1


Step Four

Press the seams flat and create the base as you can see in the picture.

Step 4 2
Turn the sack / bag through so it is now right side out.

Step 5


Step Five

Measure up 4 cm from the base along the side seam and base seam. Make a mark to apply the eyelets.

Step 5 1

Do the same for the other side of the bag.


Step Six

Apply the eyelets on both sides where you have made the mark. 

Ensure you are going through both the base and side seams.

Apply to eyelets all as according to the manufacturers recommendations and directions on the eyelet packet.

Step 6


Step Seven

Now go to the top of the bag and the only raw edge remaining.
Decide which side is the rear of the bag.

Fold the bag in half lengthways, match up the side seams and press a crease down the middle so you have the centre back.

Measure down from the top raw edge along the centre back crease to create a mark 10cm down from the top.

Step 7

Apply the eyelet here as the manufacturer’s instructions on the packet.

Step 7 2


Step Eight

Turn down the top raw edge 4cm then press so it leaves a nice crisp line, and fold it down again 4cm to create a channel all the way around the top edge. Press firmly.

Step 8 1
Sew around the channel close to the edge (leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance) and watch out for the eyelet – skip over it if its in your way when you get to it.


Step Nine

Take your safety pin and pin it to the end of the chord or ribbon – insert the ribbon / chord through the eyelet and into the channel bringing it the whole way around and out the other side.

Step 8 4

Pull it so that there is equal amounts of chord / ribbon coming out and tie these to the bottom eyelets.

Step 8 2

Step 8 3


VIOLA! you are done!  Happy exercising!



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