How to Sew a Kimono

Kimonos are the perfect garment to wear around the house during those transitional months from hotter to cooler weather or vice versa. They’re also an increasingly popular garment to wear out an about, for a slouchy, modern look! Follow this tutorial by sewing expert Miss Libby Rose, using a Simplicity Kimono Pattern available online and in store at Hobbycraft.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make


Step One

Take out all of pattern pieces. We are using view B, so cut out around the trace.

Piece numbers:  

6  (front)

7 (back)

8, 9 and 4 (facings neck band)

Top tip! It’s easier to iron the tracing paper flat before you begin, get all the creases out. If you are super happy with the make at the end, transfer these pieces to cardboard.


Step Two

Cut pieces out of fabric and interfacing as indicated on the pattern. Watch the video at the top of this post, where I provide tips on this!


Step Three

Overlock or zig zag around all of the edges.

Press the fabrics out flat and notch or chalk mark as indicated on the pattern.

Iron the interfacing on to the wrong sides of all the pieces that require interfacing. This is all indicated on the pattern pieces- I talk you through it in the video!


Step Four

Construction time! Sew the centre back line with 1.5cm seam allowance. Press this seam.


Step Five

Sew the top from shoulder to wrist, and sew under the arms and side seams. Watch the video and I will show you this.

The under arm is all one seam curving all the way around as I show you.

Then, notch or cut little triangles in the seams up to the stitch line but not over.

Press all this flat and it curves like a dream!


Step Six

Then create a gather stitch from the chalk marks, or notches at the neck line.

Pull the gather and put to one side for now.


Step Seven

Facing time! Watch the steps in the video closely here – I am showing you how to sew these tricky facings up and add them to the kimono!

Stitch the bands and facings together.

Flip the bands the right way out, notch and press as I show you.


Step Eight

Attach the band to the kimono and draw in that gather to make it work.


Step Nine

Top stitch over the facings to make sure its all in place on both sides!


Step Ten

Hem your sleeves, and you are done!


If you would like to make a belt to go with it as I have done – watch the video and find out!

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