How to Sew a Keyring Phone Case

Sew this beautiful and functional keyring phone case, and keep your valuables safe in style! Sewing expert Miss Libby Rose » has created the below tutorial to tell you exactly what you’ll need to create this eye catching craft! We have a huge range of fabrics and fat quarters » available – there’s something for everyone! Use VELCRO® brand tape » to easily make a secure fastening.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Step one

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Place and pin the VELCRO® brand tape to the right sides of both fabrics 1.5cm down from the raw edge of the smaller sides (top) and equidistant from the raw side edges.


Step two 


Sew around the VELCRO® brand tape in a box shape, sewing as close to the edge of the VELCRO® brand tape as you can, but making sure you catch it all!


Step three


Sew the top edges together by placing the fabrics right sides together.

3 2

The fabric that will be on the outside of the bag (not the lining) to have the VELCRO® brand tape side to the top near this stitch line. The lining has its VELCRO® brand tape to the other end.

4 2

Sew a seam with a 0.5 seam allowance across this top raw edge.


Step four

Open up the seam so both fabrics are on opposite sides of each other.


With right sides together, fold up each fabric side 22cm to meet the seam leaving the overlay at the top (there is a flap overlay at the top and that’s correct!).


Pin down the side edges and sew up the sides with a small 0.5 seam allowance.


Step five

Sew up the top box now, again with right sides together and leaving a small gap 3 – 4 cm close to the original seam.


Step six


Turn the whole piece through using the small gap and press it all nice and flat. Push the lining inside the outer fabric.


Press, press press!
Top Tip! Do not press over VELCRO® brand tape – using a pressing cloth or scrap of fabric if you need to do that!


Step seven


Take your key-ring and slide the ribbon through the small fastening hole to create a loop.

8 2

Slide the raw edges of the ribbon  loop into the hole you used to turn it through and sew it all up as neatly as you can! (Hand-stitch it if you are worried about your machine stitching here..)


VIOLA! you are done, now you can size this up or down to suit your phone and devices!


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