How to Sew a Jungle Wall Hanging

Look for the bare necessities! Follow the in depth guide below to find out how to create this gorgeous, Jungle Book inspired embroidered wall hanging, perfect to decorate a child’s bedroom, or give as a gift at a baby shower.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How To Make


1. Download and print the templates. Press and iron your fabric and set aside.

2.  If you are using a fabric stabiliser, transfer the embroidery design onto this using a lightbox. Only draw a rough outline of the words Worries and Strife as these will be cut away. If you are not using the stabiliser, carefully transfer the design directly onto the fabric using a fabric pencil or pen and do not trace the words Worries and Strife.

3. Cut out the words Worries and Strife, flip them and place onto the lightbox. Trace the design onto a piece of HeatNBond.

4. Iron the piece of HeatNBond onto a piece of black felt, do not remove the paper backing.

5. Carefully cut out the letters from the felt using scissors or a craft knife and cutting mat.

6. Place the letters onto your fabric and carefully iron, covering with paper to protect the felt.

7. If you are using a fabric stabiliser, pin into place on your fabric.

8. Place the fabric into the embroidery hoop.

9. Add running stitch to the black felt letters to secure them.

10. Back stitch ‘Forget about’ with four stands of thread (colour code XXX).

11. Back stitch the ‘Your’ with four stands of thread (colour code XXX).

12.  Back stitch ‘and’ with four stands of thread (colour code XXX).

13. Take the piece out of the hoop and wash away the fabric stabiliser.

14. Cut out your leaf templates.

15. Draw around the templates onto felt. You will need a mixture of the three colours and designs.

16. Cut out all of the leaves.

17. Add a running stitch to the centre of each leaf. Use threads xx xx xxx and xxx.

18. Add a piece of xx thread to each leaf for it to be tied to the embroidery hoop.

19. Lay out the leaves into the order you would like.

20. With the fabric out of the hoop, tie the strings to the base.

21. Insert the fabric back into the hoop and arrange so that each leaf string has about a 1cm gap.

22. Once you are happy, trim the excess fabric at the back of the hoop and glue down to the frame.

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