How to Sew a Halloween Treat Basket

This sewn make is simply perfect for storing all those goodies collected when ‘Trick or Treat’-ing! The best thing about this make is that it will be reusable year after year. Follow the tutorial below by Nicky of Bobbin Cottage to find out how to make your own.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cut a template from some stiff card to the desired size for the basket.   

2. Cut x 2 of each for the front Fabric, Craf-tex & Lining fabric.  

3. Mark the quilting pattern onto the Craf-Tex, then place the outer fabric R/S out on the other side. Pin or clip to keep in place then Stitch on the lines. Repeat for other piece.    

4. Now to create the box bottom. Sew the lines as in the picture below (both sides & bottom)

5. Part the fabric so that the bottom seam is in the centre (see picture below) the two cut out bits then create the box shape, clip or pin them and sew across each end. Finger press the seams flat and turn right side out.   

6. Repeat for the lining (but leave a 4” gap in the middle bottom) and leave inside out.   

7. Place the outer (R/S out) into the lining (W/S out) and clip or pin all around the top to secure all layers.   

8. To make handles use two strips aprx 3” Wide and 8”-10” Long, Iron a middle crease, fold each side into the middle. Iron flat then sew all around. You can add stiffener in the middle if you wish.

9. This is the placement for the handles, usually about an inch each side of the middle seam.   

10. Once you have sewn the handles in place, and around the top of the basket, very carefully start pulling the inside out through the gap you left in the lining.

11. Sew up the gap in the lining, finger press the top down and then Top stitch all around.

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