How to Sew a Festive Matryoshka Doll

Create your own festive Matryoshka to have as a Christmas decoration or to give as a gift for a loved one. Follow the tutorial below by Nicky of Bobbin Cottage to find out how to make your own.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Create a template of The Matryoshka Doll onto some paper or card. Add the basic details for later. 


2. Draw round the template onto the calico.   


3. Begin to add the detail. Cut out the required shapes from the set of FQ’s choosing the patterns for each part of the Matryoshka Doll. You can add a circle for the face or cut one out from the headscarf allowing the calico underneath to show and become the face.     

5. Sew the individual bits to secure down onto the calico. Any delicate bits can be hand sewn, like the Hair, decorative Lace, Buttons & Bows    

6. Add some felt for Hair, Embroider the eyes, nose and lips. You can add Rosy cheeks with Powder Blusher and a cotton bud.    

7. When all of the sections are sewn, cut another outline from the calico, then pin R/S to R/S.    

8. Sew around the edge. Turn inside out carefully pushing out the shape & Stuff with toy filling. I leave a little flap in the bottom so I can tuck it in once stuffed to create a neat finish.    


9. Add decorative detail and a contrasting ribbon to hang.

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