How to Sew a Drawstring Bag

It’s easy for little ones to get their toys in a mess but this sweet little drawstring bag offers a great solution for keeping toys together, and helps to encourage toddlers to tidy!


You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Measure out the size you want your finished bag to be, then draw a rectangle on the fabric. Make it double the width as you will be sewing the bag together, for example; finished bag size of 8 inches by 12 inches would need a rectangle eight inches by 24 inches.

2. Cut out the rectangle and press. Fold the edges over by one quarter of an inch and press, then fold the top edge over once more using your cord as a guide. The cord should be able to move under the fold.

3. Leave the cord inside the folded over fabric, using a zipper foot stitch the edge of the fold to create a tunnel.

4. Fold the fabric with right sides together to create your bag. Stitch around the two open sides, make sure leave a small gap between the top of the bag and the opening for the cord.

5. Turn the bag out and give it a final press. Tie knots in the end of your cord so that it doesn’t pull out.

Iron-on Letters

6. For the iron-on letters, choose the name of your lucky recipient and cut out their letters from the relevant sheet/s. Place the letters on the bag, with the backing facing up. Note: Remember that the letters are the reverse on the sheet, but will appear the right way around once transferred.

7. Place your iron on its ‘cotton’ setting (not steam!) and press and hold firmly for three minutes on the letters. Allow to cool and turn the bag over to repeat on the reverse. If you find that the letters do not fully adhere in the first instance, repeat on the reverse again. Be careful when peeling off the backing paper as sometimes the letters will not adhere straight away and you may need to repeat the steps again.

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