How to Sew a Beach Bum Tote Bag

Here’s another super easy project by sewing expert Miss Libby Rose. Follow the below tutorial and video to help you create this handy tote bag that’d work well for both shopping, or lazy beach days!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Step One

Download and cut out pattern and fabrics, keeping the off cuts.


Step Two

Create patch pockets or appliqué and apply this now!


Step Three

Place the 2 x lining fabrics together and the 2 x outer fabrics together with right sides together.


Step Four

Sew around the 3 x box (straight lines) leaving the small corners open on both pieces, so you have separate bags.


Step Five

Create the base of the bag by opening up the bottom squares like a crisp packet, and line the seams up in a triangular type of shape.

Sew along this line three times. Leave the one open – this will be the lining.


Step Six

Turn one of the bags through to the right way (either one, it doesn’t matter) and place inside the other one so you now have the 2 x bags with right sides together.

Line up all the curves at the top of the bags and pin together. Line up the side seams.

Sew around the curves, sewing the bag together. Ensure you leave the very top straight lines open.


Step Seven

Notch the curves!

Turn the whole bag through using the corner that was left open in step 5.


Step Eight

Slide the bag inside each other and press flat.

Turn the tops inside each other.


Step Nine

Pop button and button holes on the straps!

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