How to Sew a 3D Felt Flower Cushion

How to Sew a 3D Felt Flower Cushion #sewing

This pretty and sophisticated floral cushion would make a great addition to any lounge or bedroom. Why not try making the flowers from different coloured felt for a bright spring / summer feel?

Jennifer Morgan, Editor of Style At Home, shows us how to create her beautiful floral cushion design.

3D felt cushions are big news on the high street. I chose charcoal grey rather than a bright colour to give felt a more sophisticated edge.

Feature by Debbie Codd, photography by Tina Hillier

How to Sew a 3D Felt Flower Cushion #sewing

Suitable for : Beginner to intermediates

You will need How to make
  1. Start by drawing circles with tailor’s chalk on your felt/cushion front where you want the flowers to be. Choose three different sizes of circle, anything from 8cm to 15cm.
  2. Cover as much of the cushion as you like – we’ve used seven but you could cover the whole of the front.
  3. Draw a smaller circle in the middle of each larger one to show where to position your petals. Cut a second smaller circle of felt this size.
  4. Make up petals by cutting circles of felt and pinching and stitching to hold in shape (for more ‘pointy’ petals, experiment by drawing shapes in pencil on paper and using that as a template).
  5. Position the petals in the circle you’ve drawn and stitch in place. For some of the flowers, cut out different sizes of circle from felt and snip into them to create a ruffled effect. Layer different sized circles together and sew in place.
  6. Sew a smaller circle with embroidery thread to cover stitches in the middle of each flower.
  7. With right sides together, sew round three sides of the cover. Turn right way out and put in cushion pad. Slip stitch the opening together.

How to Sew a 3D Felt Flower Cushion #sewing

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