How to Quilt a Christmas Stocking

How to Quilt a Christmas Stocking #quilting #sewing #quilted #christmas #stocking #fatquarter #festive

Go traditional this season, and have a go at quilting a christmas stocking in classic Christmas colours.

I would heartily recommend a rotary cutting wheel and a cutting board for this project as it will make it so much easier, but you can, of course, use scissors if you prefer.

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1. First of all you need to cut neat squares out of your fabric – 9cm square. You need 16 squares in total. 


2. Take half of the square – the paler ones are better for this part – and draw a cross from corner to corner diagonally with the fabric pen . 


3. Take a marked square and place it face to face with a non-marked square. Using a 5mm seam allowance, follow the line down each side with your sewing machine. 



4. Now you are going to cut your pieces, try to be as exact as possible. Align a ruler or cutting board right up the centre (cutting through the sewn line).


Then cut each of these pieces in half again widthways. 

Now it is time to cut the pen lines you drew earlier, do this on all four piece to make 8 triangles. 



5. Open each triangle up and press the seam into the darker side. 


Trim off the little overlaps so you have a nice neat square.


Repeat with all the other squares, you should end up with 62 squares. 


6. Now take two squares, place them face to face and using a 7.5mm seam allowance sew them together. You can either take a bit of time planning this out by placing your squares out on the table, of just grab one randomly like I did – but do make sure that all the joins run diagonally in the same direction.
Sew them in strips – so you end up with five strips of seven squares and three strips of nine squares.


Give each strip a good iron, then carefully sew the strips together. 


7. Take the backing fabric and place it on the table, add a layer of wadding on top and then your patchwork on top of that. If you have a spray glue, use that to keep in all in place, if not then pin it well to stop it wrinkling, or use quilters clips which hold multiple layers of fabric very well. 


8. Back to the sewing machine, and using a 5mm seam allowance, follow the diagonal join down both sides. Do this with all diagonal seams. 



9. Take your stocking template and carefully cut around it from one side – make sure you only use half of the fabric otherwise you will not have enough for the other side.


Flip the template over and cut another one from the other side. 


10. Hold the two pieces of the stocking together and with the sewing machine just sew approx 10cm from the top down the front side of the stocking to join.


When you open it back up it should look like this. 


11. Cut a piece of fabric 34cm x 26cm and a piece of wadding to match.


Fold the wadding into the fabric.


Then pin or clip it onto the top of your stocking as shown. Raw edges to raw edges at the top. 


Turn the cuff back and iron it in place. 


12. Now for any trims you might like – I added a row of pom-pom trim to the bottom of the cuff, then some velvet ribbon and ric-rac to the top.


Sew these in place, but leave a long tail (about 16cm) on one of the ribbons to enable you to form a hanging loop.

13. Fold the stocking in half, right side to right side, then pin the long length of ribbon back as shown in the photo. 


Sew the stocking all the way around now, starting at the top edge and stopping at the short join you made on the opposite side.

Turn the right way in, poke out the seams gently and give it a good iron (avoid any trims that might not like being ironed).

How to Quilt a Christmas Stocking #quilting #sewing #quilted #christmas #stocking #fatquarter #festive

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