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Three dimensional patchwork decoupage is just like doing applique, but on a three dimensional form – and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Patchwork decoupage has the added bonus of already having the toy base pre-made (so, that”s one less job to do!). All you need to do is apply your chosen fabrics! They make great gifts for children or even as a fun make for yourself, it also allows you to practice both your hand and machine sewing skills all at the same time.

What You’ll Need

How to Make a Patchwork Decoupage Chicken

  1. Make a paper template for your circle feathers, the diameter of your circle feathers should be around 1 1/2 inches.
  2. Cut your fabric into 3 inch strips
  3. Take one strip and fold it into concertina big enough to accommodate your circle template. Pin your circle feather template to the fabric.Cut around the template and this will give you multiple fabric circles feathers.
  4. Next, set your sewing machine to a close zigzag stitch. Take one circle feather and carefully zigzag stitch around the outer edge of the circle, remember to watch your fingers. This will create the ruffled effect for your feathers.
  5. As you have a lot of circles feathers to sew, chain sew your circles together; to do this you simply pull the thread through the machine after stitching a circle rather than cutting it, and then you can continue to stitch the edge of the next circle.
  6. Continue doing this until all of the circle feathers have been stitched. When you have finished stitching all the circle feathers simply trim them, so that they are no longer attached together. It will take a bit of time to make enough circle feathers, but well worth the effort.
  7. Next it’s time to start sewing the feathers to your chicken; take your first feather and place it in the centre bottom of your chickens tummy and sew. Then place another circle feather next to your first circle and stitch as before. Continue to do this on either side of the centre circle until the tummy feather first row has been sewn.
  8. Then onto the next row! Starting at the side, above the first row, place the next circle over the join of two circles below it so that it overlaps slightly, as shown in the picture below. Continue to do this until the row is complete.
  9. Continue to add your circle feathers in rows until you have enough tummy feathers on your chicken.
  10. Repeat this process on the back of your chicken to cover him from top to bottom so he’s fully covered in lovely fluffy feathers.
  11. Choose some cute button eyes and stitch them into place.
  12. Your funky chicken is then finished!

Top Tip

Concertina fold your fabric and then pin your template in place, and cut around it. This will allow you to cut out multiple shapes, a great time saving tip!

Watch this space for more patchwork decoupage projects . . .

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