How to Paint Minimal Ceramic Vases

It’s so simple to create this effective, minimal painted decoration that will add a sophisticated flourish to any room this spring.  Why not personalise by colour or painterly effect, and give as a gift?

You Will Need How to Make

1. Pour out your chosen colours into a paint palette and decide what shapes you’d like to paint on the vases

2. If it will help guide your brush marks, very lightly mark out the shapes onto the ceramics. It’s best to use quite a lot of paint on a smooth, flat, brush as the line will be much easier to control and you will not have to go over the edge line more than once.

3. Brush the outline first and then fill in the rest of the first colour and leave to dry. If needed, add a second layer and leave to dry.

4. Brush the outline of the second colour and leave to dry.

5. Fill with flowers, real or artificial!

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