How to Paint Camper Van Wooden Decorations

These painted wooden decorations are sure to brighten up any home! Add some modern, quirky items to your living room or bedroom by painting them in clever ways using masking tape and bright Pebeo craft paints. Follow the tutorials below to find out how the pictured decorations were painted.

You Will Need Craft Essentials


How to Paint a VW Campervan

1. Start by using masking tape to mask off the top part of the camper van, so you can paint the bottom half of it.

2. Paint the bottom half of the camper van. Apply a couple of thin coats of paint, leaving enough drying between each coat. When painting close to the masking tape, brush on the top of the tape and then away from it. This should reduce paint bleeding underneath the masking tape.

3. Once the bottom of the camper van is dry, apply a new piece of masking tape to the camper van. It should slightly cover  where you have just painted, with one edge of the masking tape touching the line of paint. Apply the masking tape in sections instead of in one single strip as this will stop the paint lines from being distorted.

4. Apply paint to the top part of the camper van. Again, you may need to paint a couple coats to give an even finish to the overall look.

5. Once the main part of the camper van is painted, begin painting the roof. Use a wider paint brush to paint large surface areas, but a finer paintbrush for smaller surface areas.

6. Paint detail onto the camper van using silver paint as well as an orange paint for the lights.


How to Paint a Geometric Caravan

1. Start by measuring the top of the caravan using a pencil and a flexible ruler. You will also need a standard ruler to help draw straight lines. The overall length of the top of the caravan should be…
Leave a 1.1cm section at the back of the caravan, for a ‘bumper’ on the caravan and another section at the front of the caravan, the surface left will be used to draw on the geometric pattern.

2. Use a pencil and the flexible ruler to measure and mark out diagonal lines on the top of the caravan.

3. Cut out small strips of masking tape which are roughly 5-6cm and then cut these strips in half. Depending on if you’re painting a few triangles at a time, it can be helpful to cut some of the masking tape at a slight angle to stop them from overlapping onto an area that you are working on.

4. A useful tip for when you are painting each triangle is to try and paint away from where you have placed the masking tape. This reduces the amount the paint bleeds underneath the tape. It’s also better to paint in thinner layers and apply a 2-3 coats than it is to apply one thick coat. It will take more time but you will get a much better finish!

5. Once the top is complete, you can now paint the sides of the caravan.

6. Finish the look of the caravan using yellow paints to paint the door and windows, as well as grey and white paints for the front of the caravan and wheels.

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