How to Paint an Ombre Canvas with POSCA

We know you can draw and colour with POSCA pens but have you ever thought of creating a evocative painted-style canvas with them? POSCA paint markers are great to work with. Water-based and non-toxic, you can make POSCA colours more painterly by working with them while wet and using them with water as shown here.

This easy painting project allows you to unleash your inner artist and explore a new technique with your POSCA pens. By blending your POSCA colours and sponging them with water you can produce a dramatic ombre style artwork in minutes. We’ve used red, yellow and white 8K POSCAs to give our canvas a sunset vibe but you can pick any colour combo to create a gallery of beautiful ombre pieces.

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1. Use your red 8K POSCA to apply your first layer of colour onto the canvas. Make sure your pen is well primed by shaking vigorously (with the lid on) then pressing the pen nib down on a piece of scrap paper so you have a flowing paint flooding to the pen.

2. While your red POSCA colour is still wet use your yellow 8K POSCA to blend the colour up the canvas. Again, make sure your yellow POSCA paint marker is primed and flowing.

3. Soften the area where the colours join by sponging with a damp sponge. Drag the sponge up the canvas to create more texture.

4. Lighten the yellow section (while still wet) by blending the the white POSCA pen up to the top of the canvas. Again, soften the join with the damp sponge.

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