How to Paint a Watercolour Rockin’ Robin Card

Time to create some next-level Christmas cards. Why go to the high street when you can make something bespoke? Here’s how to paint a robin Christmas card – the hardest part will be deciding who to send it to. Which of your friends have been naughty and nice this year?

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Fold an A4 piece of Winsor & Newton watercolour paper in half. This will be your card. Use a fineliner pencil to draw a pyramid of circles starting with the top and working down to four along the pyramid’s bottom. If you’d like to add some extra robins to your picture, now’s the time.


2.  Inside each circle, draw a little ‘arrowhead’ – these will be your birdy beaks and they should all point in different directions.       


3. Mix a watery Reeves yellow and paint the beaks. Let these dry properly and in the meantime, mix a watery red and a small batch of orange. When the beaks are dry, you can start to paint the circles with the orange.   


4. While the orange is still wet, add a touch of red to each robin’s tummy. Don’t worry about colouring perfectly inside the lines. A loose look is part of the style.       


5. When you’re happy with your robins, let them dry completely, otherwise the next step won’t work. Don’t they look tweet?         

6. It’s time to draw some wings. Add some fresh paint to the orange mix to make it more vibrant. Paint two little triangles onto each robin. They should all be slightly different so it looks like your robins are flapping their wings. At this point, add some other touches to give the card your own artistic flair. We painted a Santa hat on one of our birdies.   

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