How to Paint a Paper Mache Pumpkin

I love having a decorated pumpkin in the window in the run up to Halloween, however due to it’s very nature it looses it’s freshness after a few days, so this pumpkin made from mache is a great alternative.

All you need are two different colours of paint and a few paintbrushes, and you’ll have yourself a beautifully decorated pumpkin that you can use year after year in next to no time at all!


You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make


1. Start by painting the entire pumpkin with the white paint, and leave to dry.

Top Tip!

To get a nice even coverage you may need to give the pumpkin more than one coat of the white paint.

2. Lightly draw out your spooky Halloween design onto your pumpkin, lightly shading in any areas that need to be painted black.

3. Fill in the areas that need to be painted black, include any features that are on any of your drawings. For example of my pumpkin I need to fill in the eyes and mouth.

How to Paint a Mache Pumpkin #Halloween #Mache #Pumpkin

4. Once dry, pop a few LED tealights inside and stand back and admire your handiwork!

How to Paint a Mache Pumpkin #Halloween #Mache #Pumpkin


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