How to Paint a Paper Mache Dolphin

How to Paint a Paper mache Dolphin #Kidscraft #Mache

Decorating mache shapes is a great way of keeping the kids entertained for a couple of hours, you can get all sorts of animals in different shapes and sizes and also letters and numbers to boot. Perfect for decorating the kids bedroom, or for a school project, there’s lots of different things you can do to make yours one of a kind!

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1. Start by laying down some paper (just in case of any drips!) and paint your dolphin in your chosen colour.

Top Tip!

You may need to give your dolphin more than one coat of paint, make sure to let the previos coat dry before applying the next one.

2. Once dry apply the next layer of paint, to get a nice even covering. Leave to dry.

3. Once dry apply a layer of glitter paint, or alternatively you could use glitter glue instead.

Top Tip!

Make sure to wash your paintbrush in warm water straight after you’ve used them.

How to Paint a Paper mache Dolphin #Kidscraft #Mache

How to Paint a Paper mache Dolphin #Kidscraft #Mache

4. Once dry secure a googly eye in place with a small amount of tacky glue.

How to Paint a Paper mache Dolphin #Kidscraft #Mache


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