How to Needle Felt a Little Mouse

Needle Felt Mouse by Gina Dunford

Needle felted sculpture is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic craft. Almost anything can be made with wool, just let your imagination run wild!

The most important tool for making a needle felted sculpture is the felting needle. These come in a range of different shapes and sizes from 12 through to 42, but I find a 38 gauge triangular needle to be the most versatile. The felting needle has tiny barbs all the way up the shaft and it’s these barbs that catch the wool fibres and tangle them together.

Wool is an amazingly forgiving material to work with. It’s versatile, and because it’s a dry felting technique it doesn’t make a mess. Any mistakes can be easily remedied with very little hassle. The most important part of building a needle felted sculpture is creating a good solid core. This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of making a 3D sculpture. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to develop your new found needle felting skills and make much much more!

How to Needle Felt a Little Mouse

You will need

How to make

In order to make the body we’ll be using core wool. This is cheaper than merino wool roving, denser and more elastic in nature. You will need to stab deeply with your needle as the only way to make a good hard core is to work the inside as well as the outside. Therefore you’ll need to be able to use the entire length of your needles. The clover tool is perfect for this job as you’re able to remove the nib as illustrated above. To make the core of the mouse we’ll be using the clover tool without the nib.

Needle felt mouse - step 1


Making the Core of Mouses Body

Making the Features of the Mouse

Hints and Tips

When using your felting needle with a pad, make sure you draw your needle out of your pad at the same angle you ‘stab in’. Felting needles are delicate and can break easily if used incorrectly. If a needle does break off within your sculpture, (it does happen every now and then), you will need to cut it open with a pair of sharp scissors and remove the broken end.

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