How to Make Woodland Animal Baubles

How to Make Woodland Animal Baubles #woodland #animal #baubles #christmas #tree #decoration #diy #craft

Create a warm winter feel with these friendly woodland animal baubles, nestling cosily in your Christmas tree! We have created an owl, a deer and a fox, but you could choose any animal to recreate using the same techniques. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make


1. Draw out the ears for your deer as shown. Add a little ‘tab’ to the bottom for attaching, cut out and glue on. (You can see the final painted version below).


2. Draw the features to be painted on to the bauble as shown below. Paint the white part in first. You will need to do a couple of layers.


3. Paint the rest of the deer in the buff colour, including all of the ears. Again, you will need to do several layers. You can suspend the bauble over a large yoghurt pot using a pencil across the top to help drying. You can put the bauble onto a glass/cup to steady it for painting.

4. Paint the white detail onto the ears.

5. Using black paint, add the nose and eyes onto the face.

6. Paint the top of the bauble (the bit that has the hole to hang from in) white.


1. Draw out your fox ears, putting extra at the bottom of the ear. Cut out and then fold the extra back and cut a ‘fringe’ in it as shown.



2. Glue your ears in place. Bend them slightly to make them look more realistic. Make sure that the tab is at the back.

3. Draw on where the white muzzle will go. Paint this in and allow to dry. You will need to paint several coats. The best way to dry the bauble is to suspend it over a large yoghurt pot (or similar) as in the picture.


4. Paint the fox fur colour in. Mix the copper brown paint with some orange. Use a larger brush and make your stroked go in the direction that the fur would go. Do several coats. Cover the ears completely. On the final coat, add more orange to the paint and paint thinly to give a fur effect.


5. Add the white detail to the ears. Do several layers.

6. Paint in the nose, whiskers and eyes.

7. Paint the top of the bauble (where you hang it from) white.


1. Draw out the shape of your owl’s face (the bit that will be painted white). Paint it in white. You will need to do several coats. You can hang the bauble up to dry, and rest it on a glass to stabilise it when painting.

2. Paint the rest of the bauble in the buff colour, again, several coats needed. Paint in the direction that the feathers would go. On the last coat, mix a bit of brown in to make the paint darker, have very little paint on the brush and then lightly paint onto the bauble in the direction that feathers would go to give a ‘feather effect’.


3. Draw the eyes on. Starting with the orange part of the eye and using a very small brush, pick up yellow and orange paint alternative times as you paint the iris in from the centre to the edge. You can then paint the black parts of the eye in afterwards.


4. Paint on the owl’s beak. Finish by painting the top of the bauble where you hang it from in white.

How to Make Woodland Animal Baubles #woodland #animal #baubles #christmas #tree #decoration #diy #craft

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