How to Make Wooden Shape Fillable Baubles

How to Make Wooden Shape Fillable Baubles #wooden #shape #fillable #bauble #christmas #diy #makeyourown #tree #decoration #craft

Add a touch of texture to your fillable baubles this year, with a simple festive wooden shape. The natural wood is a lovely addition to the pine needles on your tree, or if you want a pop of colour, you could paint them before you attach them to the bauble.

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1. Start by choosing which topper you would like in your bauble. Some work better than others, and it helps if there is a small hole in the design near the centre so it can hang evenly.

2. Once you’ve decided, cut a piece of invisible thread about 10-15cm long. 

3. Tie one end of the thread to the middle of the wooden topper – if this is proving difficult, you could also use a glue gun to secure the end of the thread to the top or side of the wooden topper.

4. Tie the other end of the invisible thread to the loop at the top of the bauble, so that your topper hangs in the middle of the bauble – make sure it is secure, but don’t worry if you have long ends. 

5. Trim the ends of both of your knots so you can’t see any threads poking out. 

6. Close up the bauble and add ribbon or twine to the loop so it can hang.

How to Make Wooden Shape Fillable Baubles #wooden #shape #fillable #bauble #christmas #diy #makeyourown #tree #decoration #craft

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