How to Make Woodblock Printed Tote Bags

Printing tote bags has never been easier with the fantastic Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps that echo the detailed hand-carved blocks of India. When used with Tulip Fabric Paints, it’s possible to print super stylish and modern designs with ease, and with their extensive range of colours there’s no end to the combinations that can be created.

Have a look at the three design ideas below that utilize geometric and floral stamps, as well as the versatile Tulip squeeze bottles that feature slim nozzles to allow the accurate drawing of paint.

You Will NeedCraft Essentials

Ink Roller »

Sponges »

Paintbrushes »

Tape »


Surface to roll out ink 

Sturdy board to place within Tote Bag


Geometric Neon Tote Bag

1. Place sturdy board into the ironed tote bag. Here a cutting mat has been used with a piece of paper to protect the cutting mat from getting paint on it.

2. Roll out the fabric paint onto a smooth surface – here a glass sheet has been used. Use the roller to apply fabric paint to the wooden printing block.

3. Once the printing block has been inked up, turn over and print into the centre of the bag.


4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 to print on either side of the first print

5. Here the prints have been touched up with Acrylic paints to ensure the colour is vibrant and stands out against the neon background that is going to be painted behind.

5. Use tape to line a rectangle around the prints, and fill in the entire space using the neon pink tulip fabric paint with a paintbrush.



Daisy Tote Bag

1. As the daisy wooden printing block is more detailed than the geometric design, it is easier to sponge the fabric paint onto the block as this ensures that a thicker layer for printing with.

2. Print the daisies in orange in an alternating grid around the bag.

3. Now using the gold fabric paint, print the daisies in the gaps that have been left.

4. Paint in the central disc of the daisy using a paintbrush.

5. Sponge orange paint onto only the central disk of the daisy wooden printing block.

6. Print over each gold daisy using the orange central disc – alignment is not too important here.


Hand Drawn Tote Bag

1. Draw some geometric shapes using fabric paint colours of your choice, and a paintbrush.

2. Draw some shapes in fine lines using a smaller paintbrush, such as an asterisk.

3. Using Tulip Slick fabric paint, squeeze in detailed linework over the top of the painted geometric shapes.

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