How to Make Vintage Paper Baubles

These vintage baubles are super on trend and are very simple and fun to make. Simply print out the provided free template and use a variety of paper punches to decorate the shapes. Create tassels and hand bells to finish off the designs. These fantastic decorations can be bought out again year after year!

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Transfer the Vintage Baubles template shapes onto a cardstock sheet by tracing or using a printer.

2. Cut around the lines with scissors, each shape needs two pieces of cutout, these will make the baubles sturdier and more durable.

3. Glue the sheets together with little amounts of tacky glue or glue stick

Top tip! When using tacky glue, put the shapes to dry under a heavy weight so it dries flat

4. When the two-layered shapes are dry, decorate as you wish. If you are after a more accurate positioning for the elements you can draw a pencil line in the centre with a ruler. Don’t forget to erase after decorating is done.

5. Paper punches, die-cut shapes, bells, wooden beads and gems are just a few possibilities to decorate the baubles. When using paper punch, punch the same shape many times and glue each layer onto each other, these will give dimension and more body. The Anywhere Screw Hole Punch is the perfect tool to give an extra detail and is very easy to use.


How to add a tassel:

1. Wrap yarn 20 times around a piece of cardboard that’s about 3 inches wide, then cut off the excess yarn.

2. Slide a piece of yarn under all the yarn wrapped around the cardboard, then double knot at the top.

3. Carefully remove the tassel from the cardboard, wrap a piece of yarn a few times around the tassel and tightly double knot, these will make the head and will secure the tassel in place.

4. Cut all the yarn on the opposite side; trim any excess yarn and scraggly ends.

Top tip! Using a Yarn Needle when threading yarn onto the wooden beads will give you an extra help.


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