How to Make Traditional Christmas Crackers

If you want to add a personal touch to the Christmas dinner table or at a party, get crafty and make your own traditional Christmas Crackers! They’re so easy to make and will take you no time at all. Choose whatever colours you like- bright or traditional- and fill your crackers with all sorts of little trinkets to make your guest’s day go with a bang!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Take one sheet of crepe paper, and secure it centrally to the cracker core along the long edge using double sided tape.

2. Roll the core along the crepe paper so that it wraps around evenly.

3. Secure the end of the crepe paper using double sided tape.

4. Loop twine or ribbon around one end of the cracker core and secure in place with a bow.

5. Leave between six centimetres and eight centimetres of crepe paper at the end and cut off any excess paper using pinking shears or scissors.

6. Add your filling so that it sits inside the cracker core, and then repeat step four to secure the open end.

7. Decorate the cracker using ribbons and embellishment toppers.

How to Make Christmas Crackers #christmas #crackers

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