How to Make Intricut Toucan Wall Art

Heat embossing is a technique that’s been around for a little while now, however we never tire of using it on our projects. It’s a great way of adding a glossy, shiny finish in a flash, and can be done on all manner of materials including paper, wood and even vellum!

When heating the powder, make sure to do so on a glass mat to protect your work surface as the tool and can get very hot; using the mat will help to avoid any scorched surfaces!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Using the cheese plant leaf die from the Intricut set, cut a selection of leaves from different shades of green cardstock. To add a different texture to some of the leaves, clear heat emboss some of the leaves. 

2. Trim a sheet of white cardstock to 16.5cm square and start to position the leaves. Once happy with the layout secure in place with a glue pen, adding height to some with foam pads. 

3. Die cut the toucan from black cardstock. Remove the cut negative sections from the design, then secure the top two thirds of the toucan to a sheet of white card, trim away the excess card with a pair of sharp scissors.

4.Cut the neck, beak and eye section from orange, blue and white card. Paper-piece the remaining sections of the toucan design using a glue pen to secure the pieces in place.

5. Hand-cut a brown branch and position on top of the cheese plant leaves (roughly 4.5cm up the right-hand side) add the toucan on top, stacking foam pads so that he stands off from the leaves.

6. To complete, add a selection of die-cut flowers with gems used to create the centre of the flower. Secure to the background sticking some with foam pads. 

toucan square

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