How to Make Tissue Flower Pom Poms

How to Make Tissue Flower Pom Poms #tree #diy #easter

White trees make great table focal points, there are a million and one ways in which they can be decorated so you can really let your imagination run riot! Plus, the great thing about them, is that they can be used all year round not just for seasonal events (such as Easter and Christmas). As I’m going through somewhat of a pom pom craze at the moment I made some tissue flower poms along with a pom pom garland to decorate mine . . .

How to Make Tissue Flower Pom Poms

Allow : 40 minutes
Skill level : Beginner

What you need

How to make

  1. Start by making the flower pom-poms. These are made by layering approximately 8 rectangular sheets of tissue paper on top of each other (you can add in more layers if you would like a bushier pom-pom).
  2. Concertina fold the sheets together making each fold approximately an inch wide. Continue to concertina the tissue paper until the whole sheet has been folded.
  3. Round the ends by trimming the tissue paper with scissors.
  4. Cut a 40 centimetre length of jewellery wire. Securely wrap and tie this around the centre of the folded tissue paper.
  5. Start separating the individual layers of tissue paper from the centre, making sure to separate an equal amount of tissue paper to both the front and back of the pom-pom (if you separate all of the sheets to the front of the pom-pom you will have an uneven finish).
  6. Once you have separated all of the sheets of tissue paper find the ends of length of wire used in step 5 and hang in place.
  7. Now it’s time to make the shaggy pom-pom garland. Place the needle through the centre of the shaggy pom and pull along the length of the embroidery thread, continue to do this with the whole pack of poms.
  8. Tie a knot at the beginning and end of the shaggy pom strand.
  9. To decorate the tree place the garland onto the branches and then hang the tissue paper flower poms.
  10. Add chicks to the tree using glue dots on their feet to secure them.

Hints and tips –

Why not try alternating different coloured layers of tissue paper for a multicoloured flower pom-pom?

How to Make Tissue Flower Pom Poms #tree #diy #easter

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