How to Make Tissue Animal Jars

How to Make Tissue Animal Jars #easter #kids #craft #bunny #chick

Get the kids crafting this Easter and make some sweet animal jars to be filled with delicious chocolatey treats! And once all the sweets are eaten, they make great storage jars too.

Skill Level : Beginners

Time to Make: 30 minutes, plus drying time

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cover your jars in a layer of tissue paper, I used white paper for the bunny and yellow for the chick. You need to use plenty of glue and remember not to cover the screw top.

Top Tip!

“You can use as many layers of tissue as like to decorate you jar, I have only used one so you can still see what’s inside, and they then also make lovely candle holders after everything has been eaten.

2. Whilst you are waiting for the jars to dry get your decorations ready.

3. To decorate the chick you’ll need two googly eyes and some card. Cut out two wings from yellow card with a fold back tab so you can glue them to the jar, from the same card also cut a small triangle for the beak also with a tab for attaching to the jar.

4. To decorate the rabbit you’ll need a pom pom for his little tail, two googly eyes, card and a white pipe cleaner for whiskers. Cut the pipe cleaner into three parts and twist together for the whiskers. Cut ears from the card and use a pen to add some detail, leave a tab on the card whiskers and use this to glue them to the lid of the jar.

5. When everything is dry attach your decorations using glue.

Top Tip!

You may find it useful to use an elastic band to attach the decorations to your jar just whilst the glue is drying.

6. Once dry use a pen to add teeth to your rabbit and colour the centre of the pipe cleaner whiskers to create a nose. Your jars are now ready to be filled with sweet treats to make a great Easter gift.

How to Make Tissue Animal Jars #easter #kids #craft #bunny #chick

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