How to Make Three Sun Catchers

Create these glistening sun catchers using packs of bright tissue paper and clear sticky back vinyl. These makes are super fun, and would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! Read the instructions below by the fantastic Little Button Diaries to find out how to make three different kinds of sun catcher. Which will you try?

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Heart Sun Catcher

1. On a piece of pink card, draw a heart to fit the page. Draw another heart roughly 4cm smaller inside to create a frame. Cut out.

2. Cut a piece of vinyl that is slightly larger than the heart, peel off the backing and place the heart on top.

3. Cut different sized hearts from tissue paper and stick inside the heart frame.

4. Cut another piece of vinyl and carefully place it on top of the heart, then trim the edges so there is 1/2cm of vinyl over the edge of the frame. Stick onto a window and admire the love!



Handprint Sun Catcher

1. Draw around your hands, with the thumbs touching onto card. Add a frame around the outside that is 2-3cm bigger and cut out to create a frame.

2. Cut a piece of vinyl and place it sticky-side up onto a work surface. Cut multicoloured strips of tissue paper (approximately 1/2cm wide) and layer them onto the vinyl to fill it up.

3. Place another piece of contact paper on top then glue the hands frame on top. Trim the excess vinyl around the hands.


Flower Sun Catcher

1. Cut out the centre of the paper plate and paint the back green. Leave to dry.

2. Cut a piece of vinyl to fit the centre of the plate. Peel off the backing and place sticky side up on a work surface. Cut flowers and leaves from tissue paper and stick onto the contact paper. Stick another piece of contact paper on top.

3. Glue the vinyl into the middle of the plate and decorate around the rim of the plate with foam stickers.


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