How to Make Three Abundant Spring Wreaths

Create endless wreath combinations with the vast artifiticial flower range available all year round online and in store at Hobbycraft, and create lasting pieces of home decor that you can bring out time and time again to freshen and lift the spaces in your home. Follow these three tutorials below to find out how to select and combine different florals that sit well together upon a rattan wreath.

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How to Make Wreath 1

1. Trim the eucalyptus stems and place them onto the wreath as shown. Tie them into place with invisible thread and then glue them with the glue gun, ensuring the glue touches both the wreath and the stems.

2. Fan out the purple daisies on top of the eucalyptus stems. Tie into place using the invisible thread, then glue into place with the glue gun.

3. Remove the peony from its stem and take any leaves off.

4. Shorten the hydrangea stems and put them on top of the daisies as shown. Tie then glue into place.

5. Glue the peony into place in the middle.


How to Make Wreath 2

1. Trim and tie the cherry blossom to the wreath as show and glue into place with the glue gun.

2. Take both the hydrangeas and the peony off of their stems.

3. Glue into position as shown making sure that you use plenty of glue.

4. Wind the ivy around the larger flowers and allow it to drape down the side of the wreath. You may need to cut the ivy into two pieces to do this.

5. Glue the ivy into place.


How to Make Wreath 3

1. Tie on the blue flower bunches top and bottom and on the left side of the wreath. Point the top and bottom ones inwards and the left hand one outwards. Glue into place with a glue gun.

2. Add the daisies as shown and tie and glue into place.

3. Separate the sunflowers and add them in ones, twos and threes onto the wreath to fill in the gaps. You can wrap the wire stems around the wreath rather than using invisible thread. Glue into place.

4. Pull/cut off bits of the fern and insert them around the outside as show. Glue into place. Put three pieces towards the middle as shown and glue down.

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