How to Make Tassel Hoop Earrings

Get crafty with you accessories and make these amazing earrings designed by Helen from Once you have stared you will be making a pair to match every outfit.


You Will Need How To Make
  • Cut 14 lengths of cotton, each 40 cm long.
  • Fold the first length in half and loop under the hanging hoop, pulling the tail all the way through the loop securing it. Repeat with new cotton lengths a further five times so there are a total of three each side of the top hoop fixing.
  • Take all of the tails from the three tassels that you have made on the left side of the hoop (there will be six strands altogether), wrap them across the front of the hoop and fold them around to the back. Insert your crochet hook through the front of the gap left under the hoop fixing  and pull the strands through and down.

  • Repeat step 3 for the tassels on the right hand side.
  • Taking two strands at a time, slip stitch the tassel tails to the bottom of the hoop (pulling the tails all the way through), working from the outside of the left hand side across to the centre then repeating working from the outside of the right hand side working toward the centre.

  • To give a nice full looking main tassel we are now going to add in some extra strands along the bottom of the hoop. Taking the remaining strands which we cut at the beginning, hold two strands at a time (I only held one strand in the photo to make it easier to see), fold them in half and attach them between the outer two slip stiches on the left along the bottom of the hoop. Repeat between the next two slip stitches. Attach them in the same way as we did in step one.
  • Repeat step 6 working from the right.

  • Taking all of the strands together tie a knot tight to the base of the hoops. 

  • Trim the tassel to the desired length. 

  • Attach the fish hook.
  • Repeat steps 1 -9 for the second earring.
  • Now put your new earrings straight on to show them off!!

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