How to Make Stamped Ceramic Eggs

How to Make Stamped Ceramic Eggs #stamped #ceramic #egg #decoration #paint #craft #bright #easter #spring

Go bright this Easter, and bring those pops of colour budding from the flowers inside. Our ceramic egg decoration kit is great for kids, but we love using them for more grown up makes too, like these fun stamped ceramic eggs!

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Paint brush »
How to Make

1. Holding onto the hook on top of the egg or the ribbon provided, apply a thin layer of acrylic paint to the entirety of the egg. You can use the ribbon the hang the egg to dry!

2. For an even colour, you will need to apply another coat once the first coat of paint has dried. If you notice any thin patches, you may need to apply a third coat. Lighter colours are easier to apply as they are closer to the white colour of the ceramic.

3. Gather the stamps you will need to write your Easter message. Choose the colour of the ink you will use. Gold looks great on darker colours, while black really stands out on lighter colours.

4. Stamp your message onto the egg. It can be difficult to align the letters, so you can always practice on paper first or use masking tape as a guide. It doesn’t matter if your letters are a little wonky!

5. You can finish the design off by adding more stamps around the outside of your message. If you have a full stop stamp, you can stamp it five times in a little circle to create a tiny flower detail.

How to Make Stamped Ceramic Eggs #stamped #ceramic #egg #decoration #paint #craft #bright #easter #spring

If you don’t want to use rubber stamps to create your message, you can always add details by hand! Start by painting a large, white circle onto you egg, then use the small paints provided (you will need a smaller paint brush) to add hand painted designs and wording.

How to Make Stamped Ceramic Eggs #stamped #ceramic #egg #decoration #paint #craft #bright #easter #spring

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