How to Make Spring Grass Letters

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Make a beautiful eye-catching centrepiece for your home, with some faux grass and fillable letters. Pick your own phrase, and get started – just make sure you use some sharp scissors or a scalpel, or you’ll struggle to cut the grass!

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1. Unroll your fake grass roll, and lay flat on the table with the grass facing the table surface. Take your fillable letters and place front-down onto the grass roll. Using a pen or chalk, draw around the letter, so you create an outline on the back of the roll. You may need to use more than one roll, depending on the letters you have chosen.

Top Tip!…You’ll need to use a pen that shows up on the black surface of the grass backing. I used a gold sharpie, but you could use any metallic or white pen, or chalk if you want it to be less visible.

2. Remove the letters and using sharp scissors, cut around the outlines. Don’t worry if you make a mess – the grass around the edges will fall off a little as you cut but it won’t affect the outcome!

3. Lay down some newspaper outside, and place your fillable letters on top to protect the ground beneath. Use the spray paint to cover the sides, inside and out, of your letters. Don’t worry too much about colouring the back or inside back of the letters as you won’t really see these areas. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

4. Put the grass into the front of the fillable letters, and stick down if needed.

5. Arrange your daisies or other flowers in your own design, and stick down with glue.

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