How to Make Snack Containers

How to Make Snack Containers #queensbirthday #party #decoration #diy

These versatile containers decorated with foam, card and embellishments are great for holding party snacks. We’ve gone with red, white and blue for a Queen’s birthday style celebration!

How to Make Snack Containers

Skill Level: Beginner

Time to Make: 20 minutes

You Will Need

Craft Essentials


How to Make

1. With a craft knife cut your piece of A4 corrugated card to a 10.5cm width.

2. Using your tin can as a guide, wrap the card around it and with a pencil mark where the overlap is.

3. Remove the card and trim down the side so there is a 2cm overlap. Staple at the top, middle and bottom to secure a tube shape.

4. Trim your A4 sheet of foam to an 11.5cm width. Make into a tube shape and place inside the corrugated paper. As before mark the overlap and cut away any excess. Place snugly inside your corrugated paper.

5. Using the tin can draw a circle for a base onto the foam and cut out. With a glue gun stick this to the base of your container and allow to dry. Trim with different decorations for each.

How to Make Snack Containers #queensbirthday #party #decoration #diy

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