How to Make Scalloped Paper Baubles

Baubles don’t have to be bought to look classy – I had a go at making some very simple ones using a paper punch and some thick paper/card, and they turned out a dream! Just stick to a colour palette of 3-4 colours and find different textures and patterns within this for a decadent feel with an extra special handmade touch.

Suitable for: Beginners

Time to Make: 20-30 minutes per bauble

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Using the circle punch, punch out a series of circles from your card or paper. You will need quite a few to cover this size bauble.

2. Begin assembling your bauble from the bottom up. Stick one circle flat down on the centre of the bottom of your polystyrene ball, using your glue gun.

Top Tip!…Take care not to burn your hands doing this, as the paper/card gets very hot from the glue.

3. Begin sticking more circles in a row, around the edge of the first circle. Try to keep the glue on the top half of the circle, so that the bottom sticks out a little like a pine-cone. Make sure to overlap the circles a little to cover any joins.

4. Continue step 3, working your way up the polystyrene ball. Make sure you place the circles slightly overlapping the top of the last row you have done, so that you can’t see any of the polystyrene coming through. You will need to do 5-6 rows.

5. When you get to towards the top of your bauble, about 2 rows away from the top, stick another circle flat on the top, as you did on the bottom.

6. Continue with your last rows, making sure the top one overlaps both the row beneath it and the circle on the top.

7. To finish, cut a length of ribbon, make a loop and pin the ends into the top of the bauble.

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