How to Make Russian Doll Cushions

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Russian dolls are a classic children’s toy, and now you can Learn how to make a russian doll cushion to add some nostalgia to your home for 2015. Perfect for children’s bedrooms or a fun addition to your sofa!

You Will Need
How to Make
  1. Using the correct size template, cut two body shapes and set one aside.
  2. Draw the remaining template shapes onto the paper side of the Heat ‘n’ Bond and cut out just outside the line. Iron these onto the chosen fabrics following the pack instructions, then cut out more precisely.
  3. Arrange these fabric pieces on the body shape and press into place. Add the red heart button for the lips, and a sequined embellishment if required.
  4. Place body back-to-back with other body shape and pin. Machine stitch 1cm from edge from point A to point B and turn doll right sides out and press.
  5. Add stuffing, then close seam by hand.
  6. Add black dots for eyes, using a little glue for extra security if required.


Please note these dolls are for use as decorative cushions only and are not suitable as a child’s toy.


How to Make a Russian Doll #sewing #russiandoll #children

Russian Doll Template


how to make russian doll cushions #sewing #russiandoll

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