How to Make Royal Cupcake Toppers

How to Make Royal Cupcake Toppers #queensbirthday #cupcake #toppers #papercraft #party

Create mini flags and rosettes to top your cupcakes with a royal theme – great for party celebrations for the Queen’s birthday! Just whip up some simple cupcakes to put them on!

How to Make Royal Cupcake Toppers

Skill Level: Beginner

Time to Make: 45 mins

You Will Need

Craft Essentials


How to Make

For Flags

1. Using a flag template cut out the number of shapes you require from your scrapbook card. Run a small line of glue along the joining side and fold over a cocktail stick. Add paper trims or buttons.

For Rosettes

2. Using the rosette image as a guide, cut out the number of circles you require (one slatted and one non-slatted for each rosette), from a mixture of plain coloured and patterned card. Glue the slatted circle on top of the non-slatted circle so it sits centrally.

3. Attach the ‘ribbon’ lengths to the back of each rosette.

4. Attach a cocktail stick so it sits in the middle of the ‘ribbon’ lengths by adding some glue to the reverse of each rosette. To secure the cocktail stick in place, add a small cut out circle placing it over the top of of the stick for a neat finish.

5. Turn the rosette over and add a button to the middle before decorating your cupcakes.

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