How to Make Retro Lightbulb Cupcakes

How to Make Retro Lightbulb Cupcakes

Bring a bit of nostalgia back to the kitchen with these retro lightbulb cupcakes! Go for primary colours for that classic Christmas string lights look, or pick your own favourite shades. A great quick and easy make for a party, bake sale or just a yummy afternoon snack!

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. On a clean, dry surface knead a small amount of each colour Ready to Roll Icing separately until pliable.

2. Break off a small pea-sized piece of icing and roll into a smooth ball, taper each end of the ball to make a pointed oval. Repeat this process until you have enough ovals in every colour for each cupcake. Set aside coloured ovals to dry.

3. Royal Icing preparation: Prepare a large piping bag fitted with a large plain piping tube.

4. Empty contents of Royal Icing into the bowl of a stand or hand held mixer. Beat on high speed for a couple of minutes and add a small amount of water until light and airy.

5. Transfer Royal Icing to prepared piping bag and pipe a generous swirl of whipped Royal Icing onto each cupcake one at a time.

6. Take a large pea sized ball of Jet Black icing and roll into a long, thin sausage. Wrap the sausage around the Royal Icing topping from bottom to top and trim off any excess with a clean, sharp knife. 

7. Then, making sure they are equally spaced; push the dried ovals into the Jet Black icing starting from top to bottom and alternating in colour. 

How to Make Retro Lightbulb Cupcakes

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