How to Make Printed Clay Coasters

Create a set of classy clay coasters using air drying clay, and wooden block printing stamps! These are so quick and easy to make, and are the perfect gift for a tea lover. Add a spot of colour to really emphasize the textures left behind by the stamps. Read on below to find out how it’s done..

You Will NeedCraft Essentials

Rolling Pin »

Paintbrushes »

Non-stick surface


How to Make

1. Cut the 1kg White Air Drying Clay block into thirds.

2. Roll out the clay with a rolling pin to a 1.5 cm thickness.

3. Print into the clay using the Wooden Block Printing Stamps, overlapping the designs at random.

4. Cut out the coaster shape using the largest of the Wilton Cookie Cutters and take away the excess.

5. Paint a base layer in a light colour or white acrylic paint and leave to dry.

6. Water down the darker coloured acrylic paint and paint over the coaster liberally, letting the colour fall into the deeper grooves, and leave to dry.


7. Coat the finished coasters in Mod Podge to create a glossy finish once dry.

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