How to Make Pinwheels

How to Make Pinwheels #pinwheels #diy

Pin wheels epitomise the start of summer, they’re starting to pop up in shops up and down the country but ever wondered how to make pinwheels? They’re really quick and easy to make and instantly transform a picnic table or garden in the blink of an eye.

Why not try making yours from patterned scrapbooking papers that have a pattern on both sides so that you end up with some truly unique looking pin wheels? I’ve used candy stripe straws to make my pin wheels, but you could also use wooden dowling if you’re planning on making bigger pinwheels so that they’re better supported . . .

How to Make Pinwheels

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : 20 minutes to make one pin wheel

You Will Need

How to Make

How to Make Pinwheels #pinwheels #diy

The finished pin wheels.

Hints and Tips

Why not make different sizes of pin wheel by using smaller or larger squares of card?

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