How to Make Pinecone Elves

These fun pinecone elves are perfect to get crafting with the kids this Christmas! Bright and colourful, these little elves will add a touch a fun to any Christmas tree.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Paint the polystyrene balls with light pink or flesh coloured paint, carefully set aside to dry (a plastic service or an old plate is great for this as they won’t stick). They will need two or three coats before they will be ready.

2. Whilst you are waiting for the heads to dry, you can start making your elf accessories! To make the hat, cut a triangle from your coloured felt and stick looped ribbon at the top. Make a cone out of the triangle and stick; you may need to trim any excess off. To finish, add a mini white pom pom to the top of the hat.

3. Cut six pipe cleaners in half to create the arms and legs. Using the coloured felt again, cut out twelve boot shapes and twelve glove shapes. Glue together, sandwiching one half of a pipe cleaner in between. Continue until you have six arms and six legs ready.

4. Cut three long strips from the felt for the scarf – you can add decoration by snipping to create a tassel effect or sticking on a pom pom trim.

5. Once the polystyrene balls are dry, stick them to the top of your pine cones.

6. Glue the pipe cleaners into the pine cones.

7. Glue the hats onto their heads. 

8. Wrap the scarf around and carefully stick to the back of the head and the pinecone. You may also want to stick where the scarf wraps over.

9. Finally, using a black fine liner or marker, add happy little faces to your elves! Make sure the glue is completely dry and they are ready for a Christmas adventure!



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