How to Make Photo Fillable Baubles

How to Make Photo Fillable Baubles #photo #fillable #bauble #decoration #personalised #christmas #wedding #memory #craft #papercraft

Make the ultimate personalised gift with a photo fillable bauble. Perfect for preserving and remembering those special moments in your life, they make a fantastic memory gift for loved ones too at Christmas.

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You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Measure two rectangles 5.5cm in height by 4.5cm in width onto coloured cardstock. Cut out using a craft knife and metal ruler or paper trimmer.

2. On one of the rectangles measure a 3.5cm square aperture. Carefully cut out with a craft knife and metal ruler to create the frame.

3. Apply double-sided tape to the reverse on the frame and add your image.

4. Apply more tape to the reverse, going over the back of the image. 

5. Cut a 20cm length of invisible thread and fold in half. Secure the loop centrally to the back of the frame, using the double-sided tape to hold it in place. 

6. Secure the second rectangle, cut in step one, to the back of the frame.

7. Thread the ends of the invisible thread through the holes at the top of the bauble. Secure the frame in place with a double knot, ensuring that it sits comfortably inside the bauble.

8. Secure the second half of the bauble, and thread twine through both holes of the complete decoration. 

9. Repeat steps one to eight for the remainder of the baubles.

Top Tip!

Why not try using textured cardstock, mirror board or heat embossing on the front of your frame to add texture?

How to Make Photo Fillable Baubles #photo #fillable #bauble #decoration #personalised #christmas #wedding #memory #craft #papercraft

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