How to Make Personalised Wedding Hangers

How to Make Personalised Wedding Hangers #personalised #wedding #bridesmaid #hanger #diy #gift #papercraft #thickers

Make your bridesmaids feel special too on your special day, with some easy personalised wedding hangers. They make a great personal gift for the girls that have helped you out, and are something they can use again and treasure forever!

You Will Need
Top Tip!

You will need to consider the length of your names when selecting both hangers and thickers – if you have lots of long names, look for hangers with a chunkier frame and choose smaller thickers so that you will be able to fit in their whole name.

Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Begin by cutting out the letters you will need for your name – cut around each letter on the backing so you can position without sticking.

2. Lay your letters on the top of the hanger frame, and adjust for spacing. Use a ruler if you need it to help you stick them down straight.

3. One at a time, carefully peel off the backing and stick down each letter firmly.

4. Finish off by winding a few floral picks around the base of the hook, or stick on your own embellishments for an extra flourish!

How to Make Personalised Wedding Hangers #personalised #wedding #bridesmaid #hanger #diy #gift #papercraft #thickers

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