How to Make Personalised Stamp Baubles

How to Make Personalised Stamp Baubles #personalised #stamped #bauble #fillable #christmas #decoration #name #craft #stamping

Personalise your Christmas tree this year with some letter stamps and snowy baubles. Use our blank fillable baubles to create these simple personalised stamp baubles, perfect for kids to have a go at, and a great gift to boot!

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You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Masking Tape »
  • Paper
How to Make

1. Start by practicing using your stamps on paper. This way, you will get a good idea of how to space and align each letter. You can cut out your practice piece and stick it to the inside of your bauble to get an idea of where to align your stamps onto the bauble too.

stamp 1

2. Use a piece of masking tape to mark the baseline for your stamps. This will help keep your stamping straight!

stamp 2

3. Before stamping each letter onto the bauble, wipe away excess ink from around the outside of the letter using kitchen roll. This will prevent getting black blodges on the bauble. Press your stamp firmly down on the bauble but try not to let it slip.

stamp 3

4. Remove any guides from the inside of the bauble and check that your design is legible! Give it some time to allow the ink to dry.

5. Fill the other half of your bauble with white pom poms and pop both halves together. Finish your design by tying together with sheer ribbon.


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