How to Make Personalised Clay Gift Tags

How to Make Star-Shaped Clay Gift Tags #clay #craft #christmas

Just because it’s coming up to Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t get crafty in clay! Clay is fun and easy to use, especially since air-drying clay doesn’t need to be baked – simply cut, shape and dry.

A great idea for making personalised gift tags for Christmas (and the rest of the year too).

How to Make Personalised Clay Gift Tags

Skill Level : Beginner

Allow : One hour, plus drying time

You Will Need

How to Make

1. Follow the instructions on the pack of clay, then cut out stars in a variety of sizes and add holes to some for easy hanging.

2. Score initials or kisses into the shapes or add the details of your choice with a porcelain pen when the clay is dry.

3. Once dry, you can stick the stars without holes onto gift tags using glue, or tie the perforated stars on to gifts with ribbon or metallic thread.

How to Make Star-Shaped Clay Gift Tags #clay #craft #christmas

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