How to Make Patterned Paper Lanterns

Patterned paper lanterns are a quick and satisfying craft to do for kids and grown ups alike. They are great for parties and celebrations and a fantastic way to use up your patterned paper stash! These patterned paper lanterns have fun fringing added to them but if you wanted to go really extravagant you could try using different trimmings like washi tapes, sequins and gems.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cut rectangles of paper, for the ones shown I used 25cm x 15cm pieces. Any size rectangles will work, so experiment, varying sizes often makes a really effective display.


2. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise.


3. Measure a 2cm strip along the top of the rectangle, then mark points at 1.5cm increments.


4. Cut from the folded side of the paper to each of your marked points.


5. Open out the paper.


Patterned Paper Fringing

6. For the fringing cut a 25cm x 5cm rectangle of paper and then make cuts along the length (you can do this by eye). Slightly curl the fringing with your fingers to make it stick out.


7. Glue along the bottom edge of the lantern and attach the fringing.


8. Stick some stickers along the join – this is where you could add washi tape, gems or anything else you wish!


9. Glue along the end of the lantern and then curve it round so each end meets and stick down.


10. Using the hole punch, punch a hole in the lantern on one side and then another one opposite. Cut a length of twine to your desired height and thread through the holes. 


11. Tie a knot in the length of twine and you’re ready to hang! 


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